Actress | Singer

The Story of Eleni

Growing up in the mountains of Virginia, Eleni dreamed of entertaining people and putting a smile on their faces.  She grew up taking singing and dance lessons and loving musical theatre with her two major influences being The Phantom of the Opera and the High School Musical Trilogy.  However, even at a young age, she knew the risks of pursuing theatre as a career and decided to find something more stable. 

Inspired by a trip to Nashville, TN,  Eleni saw potential in becoming a country music singer (the most secure job).  She made a setlist and started to perform at local wineries, coffee shops, and festivals.  Eleni later even co-wrote and recorded an EP in Nashville.  However, while working on her country music career, she was also an active member of the theatre program at her high school, and when it came time for college, Eleni threw caution to the wind and made the leap to follow her heart.

Flash forward to May of 2020, Eleni graduated from Huntington University with a BA in Theatre Performance and a Minor in Music.  She's been blessed to perform in some of her favorite shows in the past four years, including Shrek the Musical and Godspell.  She has also been able to explore and train in various acting techniques, such as Stanislavsky and Uta Hagen.  Vocally, she was stretched to sing art songs and arias and has had the pleasure to perform in two operettas.  Eleni's also been lucky enough to participate in workshopping two shows.  All that and more has happened in only four years, and, God willing, there's a whole lifetime ahead.